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Computer Software for Audiometer

This program does not require any connection between audiometer and the computer. Hence if one machine is having problems the other still continues to function normally. The cost and other problems of connecting a simple audiometer like Arphi and a computer is avoided and still we can get quality computerised audio print outs.

For the audio software you will require a computer with an attached printer. A basic configuration computer is much more sufficient. You have to ask the nurse or technician to enter the audio result got from your audiometer for example 20dB at 500Hz, 25 db at 1000Hz etc for Air & Bone and for left and right in the table column provided in the software. The graphic printout will be shown in the computer monitor and you can take a printout from your printer.

A sample copy (Refer picture 1) is enclosed for your opinion and judgement. Further for the same patient if you enter a different audio result got after your surgical treatment. The software will provide both the results (pre and post treatment) along with a bar chart (Refer picture 2) showing the audiological gain achieved by treatment.