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common reasons for snoring are 1. obesity 2.loose tissue in the upper airway and 3 use of alchohol before sleep. For 1 and 3 the remedy is to correct the cause. if obesity is brought down by few kgs and problem does not solve we treat you as for reason no 2. the treatment is by removal of the excess tissue by laser,an operation called palatopharyngoplasty. we also specialise in translocating your own body hard tissue as palatal implant graft. pl contact directly to know where you are laced and treatment plan for you.
herewith am sending info from a new publication from korea. prevalence of tinnitus in the young population was 17.7%, although only 0.3% of subjects reported severe discomfort caused by tinnitus. The tinnitus prevalence increased with age (adjusted odds ratio [AOR], 1.087). Female gender (AOR, 1.401), sleeping less than 9 hours (sleep 7 or 8 h: AOR, 1.437; sleep 6 h or less: AOR, 1.737), noise exposure in other places (AOR, 6.395), and momentary noise exposure (AOR, 5.504) increased the risk of tinnitus. Participants whose mother had a history of tinnitus showed higher AORs.
phonosurgery is done for people with altered voice for their restoration.the procedure may range from fibrescopic laryngeal surgery undr Local anaeasthesia ( Rs 25000 ) to anterior group of phono surgery with silicone or goretex ( about 65000 ) to more exotic combination with posterior group of phono surgery.pl let us know your exact problem of voice to help further.pl send the actual diagnosis. Example vocal cord polyp, puberophonia, single vocal cord paralysis, bilateral paralysis, glottic chink etc. pl go to www.entanand.com for help line and other information esp how we have been awarded by the association of otorhinolaryngologists 3 times for establishing 1.developing phonosurgery for indian situations 2.fibrescopic laryngeal surgery and 3.vocal cordoplasty for bilateral paralysis
the sub mandibular gland is often the site for calculi and these have to be assesed for the following. 1.reasons for occurrence 2.removal of the calculi and treatment of the ductal system narrowing ( Stenosis ) or webs. 3.procedure under L.A.will require high quality ultrasound exmn of the ductal system and sialendoscopy under local. 4.approx cost 25 to 70 k dep on disposables . 5.hosp mob no 09943840666 cbe clinic mob 098433 99651
Thank you for your query.it is normal for the old collected blood from the sinuses to come in to the mouth during throat clearing or hawking for up to 6 weeks after surgery. pl call if you have any fresh ooze of blood.