Hearing Aids

  • Our devices are checked and recommended by our doctors based on patient needs.
  • The days of analogue amplifier type hearing aids is over.
  • The present tiny electronic devices have computing power equal to high speed Pentium processors.
  • This means the hearing device has to be matched to the wearers hearing like a spectacle lens.
  • Unlike the spectacle this tuning of the hearing aid can be changed any number of times by doing an audiogram and feeding it to the Hearing device.
  • We encourage a relaxed trial with a tuned hearing aid in several different situations to check if the user can hear speech well.
  • Just like spectacles we have to use aids for both ears to hear speech clearly.
  • A large selection of tiny almost invisible devices at varying prices are available in the clinic.

Type of hearing Aids Available

The match stick and pin kept for comparison

Golden Rule for hearing aid:
Making Deaf Mute child to hear and speak: