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For the last 4 years the company has been involved in research into this area and the products have been developed to avoid surgery & to avoid revision operations. Beta drops are used to reduce nasal allergy sufferers. They reduce sneezing, block and watering of nose without side effects.

It has been established that most nasal-sinus disorders originates from dysfunction of nasal membranes exposed to air pollution – allergies.

Beta Nasal Drops are used twice a day for purpose of cleaning the nasal passage and for promoting natural ciliary clearance. This avoids build-up of debri and prevents recurrent nose infections. This product is made in three grades.

  1. Beta Regular
  2. Paedriatic
  3. Post Operative

For those who are exposed to City Traffic pollution, Industrial / Textile pollutions Nasal wash is recommended once a day before going to bed.

Nasol B : can be used in most of the situations

Nasol F: for those who are severely Allergic.

Both are supplied in 500ml sealed containers.

We also have Gamma drops which also contain antihistamine called Olopatadine.Mandl’s Throat Paint for Quick Pain Relief

For quick pain relief the original receipe from Mandl is used to manufacture this medicine which is highly effective in throat pain caused by pharyngitis and tonsillitis.