Special Features

Special features of this hospital are

We were the first institution to start endoscopic sinus surgery 22 years ago and the first microdebrider installation in India was here way back in 1997.Regular academic events and projects that have won RAF Cooper award twice and E.Merck award once are evident of our commitment to quality and innovative surgery.

No Nose packing technique is used after sinus operations done here.The nose pack is one of the most uncomfortable aspects of sinus and septal operations and this is entirely eliminated providing comfort to patient.This is possible by pre-operation preparations and use of laser and radiofrequncy equipment.

We are one of the leading institutes to have done more than 140 Cochlear implantation surgeries. Our peculiarity is minimal access incision and early switch on, on 8th to 10th day. Besides, the trust provides financial assistance to needy children and also facilitates donations from philanthropists. We also boast of a highly qualified and dedicated team of audio verbal therapists and rehabilationalists engaged in the task.

One amongst the few private hospitals with a large turnover of cancer throat patients who undergo simultaneous removal of disease and prosthetic speech restoration in one sitting.Patients who underwent laryngectomy operations elsewhere also come here for speech restoration.

We have one of the largest series of CSF rhinorrhoea cases managed successfully by endoscopic techniques under local anesthesia.

We have one of the largest series of cordotomy and cordoplasty done for bilateral vocal cord paralysis. The innovative cordoplasty technique developed by Dr.V.Anand gives the best voice outcome without compromising on airway

We have a large series of Stapedotomy Cases. (more than 1700 patients). This operation utilises laser and new pistons like heat sensitive smart or Kurz Soft chip versions provides relief from deafness.

The institution is functioning for the past 20 years and the following surgeries are being routinely done.

Dr.V.Anand performing a Stapedotomy using a laser through a flexible probe

A live video broadcast of Endoscopic Sinus surgery, Micro ear and Micro Laryngeal surgery is available on request to the patient’s relatives while the surgery is taking place.

Hospital records have been computerised for the last 15 years and uptodate treament details including, the full course of operative treatment is provided to each patient.

The hospital has total 30 beds and is divided into 4 categories. Airconditioned ‘A’ type rooms (4), Special ‘B’ rooms (10), Regular ‘C” type rooms (5), General ward beds (12), Intensive care and post-op beds (4).

The hospital has in house lab facilities and Canteen. Special Kitchen facilities are available for patients who want to cook their own food. A guest house with all amenities is available inside the hospital campus. Also very good eateries are available within 300 meters of the hospital wherein South Indian, North Indian and Chinese foods are available.


  • For Micro surgery – 5 operating microscopes with close circuit video monitoring.
  • For Chronic Sinusitis treatment – Complete set of endoscopic sinus surgery including Xenon light sources and Xomed microdebriders.

The hospital is recognised by several insurance companies like TTK, Mediassist and Star etc for treatment.Cash free method subject to, prior approval by insurance providers is also given.

  • Dr.V.Anand performing a Stapedotomy using a laser through a flexible probe.