Growing Pre-Aural Hemangioma

18 months old girl presented with swelling in Lt. Pre-auricular region, noticed since 2 months of age. There was a progressive increase in size of swelling & was not associated with pain. Child managed elsewhere with Beta-blocker (inderal – 5mg OD x 4 months) & 3 times Inj. Tricort. Tumour did not respond & continued to grow.

Approx 3.5×2.5 cm soft swelling with smooth surface, mobile, non-tender and with increased surface temperature and transmitted pulsation present.

  • An EXCISION was performed
  • Estimated blood loss wrt wt. of patient could only be 150ml
  • ‘Suture Torniquet Technique’ (3-0 Prolene) was utilized
  • Excision utilizing Bipolar scissors/cautery, with irrigation to prevent damage to underlying facial nerve.

    • Post-op : Facial nerve function normal
    • HPE : Hemangioma