We offer short term fellowship programme for qualified ENT Surgeons.


For: Only for Post graduates in ENT (Either Diploma, Masters, Fellowships or DNB).
All communications is to be made by e-mail only. Please do not use telephone for confirmation of dates.

INTRODUCTION : Hands on surgical training by assisting and as primary surgeon with consultant assisting or guiding through closed circuit video The programme is designed for the following categories of aspirants.
– Consultants who had exposure to the techniques and require initial surgical guidance at the same time do not have adequate time for training.
– Postgraduates AFTER COMPLETION for increasing their surgical acumen .All communications is to be made by e-mail only. Please do not use telephone for confirmation of dates.


  • Micro ear surgery – Mastoidotympanoplasty, Ossiculoplasty using auto incus, malleus & gold torp, Stapedotomy both laser & non laser.
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery – Ethmoidectomy, Tot spheno fronto ethmoidectomy, CSF leak closure, Double approach for max sinus, Endoscopic septal spurrectomy, Endo epistaxis control. No pack technique in both sinus and nasal septum surgeries.Will be allowed to use Micro Debrider, Radio Frequency equipment and CO2 Laser.
  • Laryngeal, phonosurgery – Type 1-4 thyroplasty, Arytenoid adduction, Vocal cord laterlisation for bilat vcp, Videolaryngoscopic removal of laryngeal polyps, nodules under local anaesthesia and microlaryngeal surgery including use of CO2 Laser with Micro manipulator.
  • Salivary endoscopy – technique for procedures in submandibular and parotid.calculi extraction methods and dilatation of strictures.use of baskets,balloons drills.


For Doctors in India
The course is for 20 days and subjects offered are micro ear and endo sinus .20 days for each specialty. Phonosurgery can also be included but can be offered only when 40 days ie 2 courses are chosen.Fees to be paid as DD favouring MCV Memorial ENT trust. The trust will provide receipt with 80 g tax exemption. Contact for course fee anand@entanand.com
Single room Accommodation is inside the hospital. Cost is included in the fees.
The candidate can use our video library and books. Copying of videos and Xeroxing of books is not allowed.
There will be an optional wet temporal bone OR larynx dissection included in the package. Microscope, equipment and manuals of dissection will be provided.
Booking of time slot on first come basis and on receipt of payment dd.Application form is available at www.enthospital.in. The completed form ,PG Qualification certificates Xerox can be sent by post or e mail. Payment by demand draft or rtgs electronic money transfer can be done.
The candidate will be given a certificate at the end of the course.
The candidate will also take part in the academic activities of the DNB postgraduates inside the hospital.
Present availability of time slot please contact us at anand@entanand.com.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What about certificate given from your centre?
We will provide you with an academic certificate from our hospital, a recognized postgraduate training centre.

Will be hand on for surgeries?
Will be handson for microsurgery and fess up to the steps which you are confident in doing.

What about phonosurgery? What types of this surgery, how many days, what the fees?
Phonosurgery will be possible only if you are here for a longer period .We recommend 40 days. Will do 20 days for ear or endonose and the next 20 for phono. As cases in phono are not plenty you will be involved in phono for the whole 40 days.

About food and accommodation?
We will provide both Indian Food and Airconditioned acommodation and there are also Hotels within walking distance.

Cost for 20 days- one course and for 2 courses 40 days.
Cost and time availability please contact anand@entanand.com.

How to reach by air.
You are flying to Chennai in South India from your country and you have plenty of connecting flights from Chennai to Coimbatore airport a flight of 45 mins. We will send a person to receive you to Coimbatore airport. From Coimbatore airport the hospital is 1-hour drive.

Any dissection experience possible.
Cadaver dissection of wet temp bone OR larynx with microscope and equipment.

We will send a letter of intimation by fax or courier after you confirm participation. This is for your Indian Visa purpose.

Tourism in nearby places
South Tourism took birth in the year 2000 as an immature baby but, within a short span of time it had reached miraculous heights and now we stand proudly as one of the icons of South India Tourism click here further information contact anand@entanand.com

Collection of 12 yrs of surgical work here in categorised videos and CDPlus collection of full audio, video discussion of the previous 7 ENSICON workshops and videos from Wursberg, Graz clinics. Please bring a laptop for using our digital library.

We will send a list of books for each category which the participant has to familiarise. We will provide one endoscope with video camera for the endoscopic sinus surgery trainee with which he is expected to perform diagnostic scopies and return at the end of the study period. For micro ear we will provide microscope, drill, microsurg equip and diff author temp bone dissection manuals and dry temporal bones. Participants have to arrange wet temporal bones themselves.

For Course Fee details contact : anand@entanand.com

First step is to fix the time in consultation with us.
Second step is to send payment for confirmation.
For Indian doctors all payments to “MCV Memorial ENT Trust” payable at Pollachi.
For candidates from outside India payment to be sent by Electronic Wire transfer to the account of

Title Name : ANAND V
Account No : 50200044230362
Customer ID’s : 129053715
IFSC Code : HDFC0000031


Applicable only to Indian citizens and who have a bank account in india who are eligible to donate to Charitable trusts. You also need to send your adhar card details and pan card number. Benefits the sender thru 80 G exception of income tax as a donation to charitable trust.
Avoids the heavy bank charges of sending money from overseas and the loss in currency conversion. This method is not permitted from banks outside india..
It is illegal to send money from overseas bank to this account. You can send by wire transfer ,at par cheque or demand draft from within india.

MC Veluswamy Memorial ENT Trust ,
Karur Vysya Bank, Pollachi
A/C no 1181155000117124, IFSC Code KVBL0001181
Our account pan no AAATM4467D .
For demand drafts – drawn in favour of “MCV Memorial ENT Trust”, payable at Pollachi.

Please complete the application form and send with advance payment.


Indian Fellowships


Foreign Fellowships


  1. ANKUR KUMAR West Bengal
  2. Pradeep West Bengal
  3. Piyusha Rastogi Delhi
  4. Madhukar Vashista Uttar Pradesh
  5. Sunil Angral Punjab
  6. Rajesh vepuri Andra Pradesh
  7. Neha gupta Karnataka
  8. Siddarth saoji Maharastra
  9. Manish Sharma  Kashmir
  10. Priyanshu jain Delhi
  11. Sujatha Apurva gawa I  Maharashtra
  12. Vaishali shingole Maharashtra
  13. Rajesh Mohan Saklani  Uttarkhand
  14. Ramandeep kaur Punjab
  15. Sowmick Ranjan Sahoo Odisha
  16. Manas Pratim Das  Assam
  17. Sudha Sharma Maharastra
  18. Srikakula Yashaswi Karnataka
  19. Rachana singh Uttar Pradesh
  20. Susana Mathews Kerala
  21. Ankita Soni Madya Pradesh
  22. Sharon Mathew Kerala
  23. Muhamad ali kerala
  24. Shruthi Venugopalan Kerala
  25. Thanooja Kerala
  26. Atisha Modi Gujarat
  27. Gautham Swami Delhi
  28. Nitish Vadiyala Andra Pradesh
  29. Arun Delhi
  30. Sangeeth Haridasan Kerala
  31. Lakshman Tamilnadu
  32. Vijay Prakash  Telengana
  33. Shivani Shah Gujarat
  34. Ruta Sayani  Gujarat
  35. Vinayak Kerala
  36. Ankit Mishra Madya Pradesh
  37. Premkumar Andra Pradesh
  38. Krishna Jadvani Gujarat
  39. Gollapalli Madhuri Andra Pradesh
  40. Shreekantha Acharya Karnataka
  41. Rigid Salim Kerala
  42. Pratusha Telengana


  1. Sulaiman Elansui Libya
  2. Adele Kishabaga Congo
  3. Agustinus Purba Indonesia
  4. Akaiduzzaman Bangladesh
  5. Ahamed Tohow Somalia
  6. Nisha Krishnan UAE
  7. Mohammed Ali kayidon Nasur Qatar
  8. Ibitsam  Oman
  9. Nouri Mufti  Saudi Arabia
  10. Omima Abdulla Saudi Arabia
  11. Ahmad.Aljarallah Saudi Arabia
  12. Jonathan lopez Philipines
  13. Tarik Ziad Morocco
  14. Adil  Tijani Morocco
  15. Adil Mekouar Morocco
  16. Nishad Muskat
  17. Tulika Dubey Nepal
  18. Abobaker Nasser  Saudi Arabia