International Patients

International Patient

A 21 yr old male Physical Trainer from Chile (South America) presented with complaints of very weak & hoarse voice following laser microlaryngeal papilloma excision . He developed anterior glottic web due to scarring.

He had consulted in USA for the treatment which was estimated at 40,000$ . As he could not afford this he came to India to MCV Hospital. Patient underwent MLS & division-reconstruction of the web at MCV hospital . Patient was discharged from the hospital with normal voice.

Preop – Vibrating vocal cord is webbed resulting in near inaudible voice . Anterior three- fourth of vocal cords is membranous & responsible for voice production (phonatory glottis). Posterior one-fourth is cartilaginous & responsible for breathing ( respiratory glottis). Phonatory glottis is more difficult to reconstruct.

  • Intraop pic showing development of flaps by slicing the web vocal cord
  • Further developing superior & inferior flaps for relining each vocal cord
  • Final intraop pic after complete reconstruction with 6-0 vicryl sutures

Following surgery he was adviced brisk jogging exercise to keep vocal cords away from each other.this minimizes anterior commisure scarring. Log on to MCV YouTube website for full videos & voice recordings.

Patient followed up to date with no difficulty in breathing or change in voice.