MCV HOSPITAL UPDATE-OAE Screening for Babies

With the Aim of Detecting Hearing loss Early in Newborns, We offer this simple screening test in our hospital. The Equipment is called Otoread screener by Interacoustics.

Why is Universal (Screening All Newborn) Screening for Deafness Important?

Hearing Loss Happens more often than other problem. 1-3 out of 1000 will be born with Hearing Loss. Detecting Hearing Loss prevents delay in speech and Language – only if babies hear they can learn to speak.

Nature of Test?

  • Testing takes only 5 minutes.
  • It is Painless, with Accurate Results.

Ideal Time for Testing?

First 6-8 months, after birth.

What if my child does not pass the test?

If your child does not pass the screening test, he/she will be referred for further testing.

When can the test be Inaccurate?

Test results may not be achieved due to escessive movement/crying during test, Fluid/Debris in Ear.However the doctor will ensure that these will not interfere with the testing.

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