New Treatment for Headaches

NEW Treatment for Headaches (Migrane) and Giddiness (Vertigo, Meniers disease)

It has been established that Migrane and Meniers disease have many features in common. Recently found evidence for close association of taste, headache and giddiness is used in our Centre to help patients. We also utilise variations in neural hearing levels (B.C.Thresholds), eye flickerings (Nystagmus) and swaying while standing with eyes shut (Romberg) to determine treatment.

Using safe drugs used for many decades in neurology for other conditions and mixing them with drugs that control sodium and water metabolism we help you to achieve good control of headache and vertigo. For drug resistant patients we also help with out patient surgical procedures (Intra tympanic treatment – ITT, Lb section) and also more extensive operations (Endo lymphatic sac surgery).